On The MOVE In Our New Office

A new creative space for innovation and collaboration.

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We are super excited about our new office located in the heart of Fishtown, Philadelphia. A place for both work and play, we have crafted an environment that encourages the imagination. After all, surrounding yourself with what you are passionate about is the key to inspiration. We all started out by customizing each of our desks with special trinkets and art to express our personalities! Maybe the crazy cool rainbow color mood lighting we have here helps?

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For Majic Creative, it has always been about the ideas—our area to lounge around in is perfect for just that. A quick brainstorm session is all we need to get in the zone. It is possible you may find someone with shoes off working with their laptop on the vintage couch next to all the shelves loaded with our samples, toys and inventions. We always look forward to having guests and clients over for a visit. Come check out the skyline view and have a cup of tea with us!

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