Transferring an idea from your brain to a physical product can be the most difficult part of getting started. Let’s go to the drawing board! We begin with basic black and white sketches to conceptualize an idea. This process evolves to full color art, 3-D drawings and delivering production ready files. Meanwhile, our team is also thinking about how the item or assortment will stand out on the shelf & how products need to be priced for the manufacturer and retailer. After we have studied the idea and believe in its core strengths, we focus on its age appropriateness, gender appeal, play pattern, functions & attributes.


Let’s build a fun world together:

  • Initial idea sketches (B & W)
  • Full color sketches
  • Three Quarter Views
  • Realistic photo quality drawings
  • Product call-out and materials
  • Production drawings
  • Work with factories for you (your contacts or ours)