Coloring outside the lines.

The only thing they won’t create is limitations.

Melissa’s extensive knowledge of the toy industry comes from her many years as a hands-on retail manager, new-store merchandiser, buyer and manager of Product Development for major retail chains. For 8 years at Zany Brainy she worked with all aspects of the business, instilling a well-rounded perspective. Melissa’s unique background brings exceptional insight into every detail of the product development process.

With a dynamic team in place, MAJic Creative has expertise in product development, brand identity, packaging design, illustration and marketing communications. For the past 16 years, MAJic Creative has been working with clients and business vendors all across the world. This extensive network of contacts will help turn your ideas into cohesive, marketable products. All members of our team bring a valuable skill set to the table—creating a strong, adaptable and knowledgeable group that works together to make innovation happen.

MAJic Creative can help you navigate the complex product development process to make it fun and easy! They love working with their clients and truly enjoy the creative process. Both clients and children are rewarded by their products.

We know how to work hard and PLAY harder.


  • Melissa Cohen
    Founder & Chief Creative Officer
  • Corrin Tavalare
    Graphic & Package Designer
  • Janine Pratt
    Copy Writer & Product Developer
  • Illustrator
    We choose the best illustrator to fit your needs!